Lent Part 2b: A Simple Lenten Practice to Consider

Cross-Shaped Lenten Candleholder
 A practice that many people observe at Christmas is counting down the weeks of Advent leading up to Christmas Day.  Likewise, it can also be meaningful to mark the weeks of Lent.  About ten years ago, my husband took two pieces of wood and created a cross that we have turned into a Lenten candleholder with seven candles – one for each of the seven Sundays of Lent (including Easter).  Each week our family lights an additional candle and shares some family devotion time. 

Here are a few other possible variations you might try:  Buy or make a “crown of thorns” and place seven candles around it; or simply use seven votive candles and place them in the shape of a cross.  You may want to use purple candles, as that is the traditional color of Lent.

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