What are you waiting for?

We reveal what we care about by what we wait for.   What are you waiting for today?    In other words, what do you really care about?

Too often I’m waiting for the weather to change, waiting for my kids to behave, waiting for the scales to tell me how much lighter I am.   The things I wait for often don’t mean much.

But God invites us to wait for much deeper things – harder things – more valuable things.

During this season of Lent we’re invited to wait on the God who suffered, and perhaps to wait on hunger if we’re fasting in some way.  The longer we wait, the larger our interior world becomes, and the more room we have inside for the things that really matter.

Waiting has never been a strong suit of mine, and it’s one way God is stretching me.  I’d love to hear how you have grown through waiting.

What are you waiting for these days?  How is God helping you in your waiting?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Shari Crossan

    Love the layout and the graphics.

  2. Arlene Billups

    I am waiting for my prayer to be answered regarding by son and feel God is saying keep knocking. It is hard when your kids get out on their own with their own families. You no longer have imput into teir lives the way you once did, so you hit your knees and pray with out ceasing! That is how I m waiting on God right now.

  3. Arlene, I so understand how hard it is to wait on God. I’m praying that He would give you the courage and encouragement you need today to persist in prayer and not give up – and to know that He is in control

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