Worry Repellent

Waves washing away the word "worry"Worry is like sitting in a rocking chair – it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.  Even though I know this is true, I still too often find myself gnawing on my worry like a dog gnawing on a bone.

The Greek word used most often in the New Testament for worry carries the meaning of being divided – having a divided mind, a divided heart.  Being literally pulled in two different directions.

This is not God’s design for his people.  God wants us to be whole, undivided.  He wants us to go to sleep at night knowing that He is holding the world in His hands, so we don’t have to.

Next time you find yourself worrying, try one of these “Worry Repellents” instead:

1.  Remember the last 10 ways that God has blessed you or provided for you – write them on post-its and put on the bathroom mirror (to remind you every time you “go” just how faithful God is).

2.  Hold your hands with palms open, and surrender your worry to God – then pray for someone else you know who is struggling with something (to take your mind off your own worries and focus on caring for someone else).

3.  Memorize Philippians 4:6-9 and say it out loud every time your mind begins to wander back to those worries.

These are just a few ideas  – what are some ideas that help you?  Please share a comment below.


  1. When I was in the hospital a year ago after experiencing a near death crisis, Philippians 4:6-9 kept running through my mind and heart as anxiety turned into peacefulness. . . i”n everything by prayer and petition WITH THANKSGIVING, present your requests to God…and the Peace of God. . “.I remember being in nuclear medicine, in what could have been a panic situation. I experienced wave after wave of peace from God and remained calm, without anxiety. Anxiety is undefined fear/worry and causes all kinds of instability. Praise God He has the solution..do yourself a favor – memorize Phil. 4: 6-9…you never know when you might need those comforting words from the Heart of God. I did!

  2. Linda…great post! I love your referrence of worry likened to that of sitting in a rocking chair. That’s exactly what it feels like…momentum without mobility! For me, worry manifests in anxiousness and insecurity. When I begin to recognize those feelings, I try to confess them immediately to God, express my thankfulness in the situation and declare my trust that God’s word is enough when He reminds me to be anxious for nothing! Prayer rises me up out of the chair, thankfulness helps me to stand and trust gets me mobile again.

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  3. Teresa Wilcox

    After doing our Bible study on worry I expressed my concern over my ability to have the funds to go on a m

  4. Teresa Wilcox

    After doing our Bible study on worry I expressed my concern over my ability to have the funds to go on a mIssion trip to Africa. This became a possibility only 2 weeks ago and we were on our way to Mexicali for our spring mission trip. My husband and I felt strongly that this was where God wanted us so we signed up on faith. I told my small group that I would be enlisting their help with prayer and financial support. We had originally thought we would go next year, we could plan and save the needed funds and just pay for it ourselves. I shared that it was hard for me to not be self sufficient and completely rely on God and our friends and family. After we finished one of my friends handed me a check for the entire amount for both me and Mike. She stated, “go to Africa and have no worries, you affect lives in America and Mexico, go do that in Africa”, I nearly fainted, broke into thankful sobs and know that God showed up in a huge way and gave me confidence in what we are doing. Thank you, Linda for your talk! GOD IS SO GOOD!

  5. Karen,
    Thanks for sharing about the powerful way God spoke to you through His word in your near death experience. It’s a great reminder that having God’s word in our hearts can provide such peace at moments when we need it most.

    Thanks for your insights on momentum without mobility 🙂 Love that. May we all be more mobile today!

    And Teresa,
    I think your message got cut off before posting the entire thing. Perhaps you can try it again -I’d love to hear what you have to say.

  6. Teresa – thank you for re-posting! I just got goosebumps reading about your experience in your small group and the way God provided. Words fail me! God is so good. I love that you took a risk and stepped out in faith – and God showed up in a big way!

  7. Jann Alameda

    Linda, I think your website is excellently done and I praise you and thank you for taking the time to do this with your busy schedule. Bless you.


  8. Dorothy Hilleary

    Thank you for your encouraging words about worry. When I catch myself getting caught up in anxious thoughts or worries, I turn those worries into prayers. Jesus tells us to not worry about tomorrow, for today has enough trouble of its own. He was teaching us that God’s grace is sufficient for TODAY, and it’s of no use to worry about tomorrow. When we worry about tomorrow, we rob ourselves of the joy of living in the present, enjoying God, embracing our loved ones, and the gifts He has given me today. I’m learning to take life step by step, moment by moment, day by day, trusting in God’s sovereignty and care.

  9. Jann – thanks for your encouraging words.

    Dorothy – It’s so true that worry doesn’t reduce tomorrow’s problems, it only robs us of today’s strength. Staying in the present moment – with Jesus – is key to living in His peace. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Heather

    Hello Linda,
    Great site! I am certain God is touching and changing lives through it. I wanted to reply and share what trial my family and I are facing and how we are trying to handle it… when it comes to worry. I am 21 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. My husband and I were told recently that our baby appears to have a partial cerebellum malformation. As you might imagine we were devestated to hear that news. You see we also lost our first child due to a heart defect caused by a syndrome, she went to be with Jesus at 4 months and 25 days of age. That was over 8.5 years ago. We finally feel like we are in a place of peace and acceptance over our daughters death and then this news is given to us. I would be lying if I said I haven’t worried. But… I am learning that I cannot worry about tomorrow and what it brings. I cannot survive that way, bring Glory to God that way, experience and recognize the blessings in today, nor raise my children well if I remain in a state of worry. What is carrying me through this waiting period and tests? Resting on the Lord, KNOWING He is in CONTROL, His Hand is Sovereign, He makes NO mistakes, He is knitting together this baby in my womb and forming it’s inner most parts, and I cannot worry about tomorrow when today has enough trouble of it’s own. I learned from our first daughter, that God’s Hand is in everything, that He never leaves us, and He makes great things happen out of bad things. So for me, it is truly spending time in His word, reading it, memorizing it, repeating it, renewing my mind when worry creeps in, taking my thoughts captive right away, and handing them over to God. It is walking in blind faith. None of us knows what tomorrow brings… even if we are given negative news… we can all look back on our lives and see how we were not able to predict our futures, alter them fully or control all situations. It feels so amazing to know I don’t have to try to control this situation… It’s in His hands… my precious children…all four are in His hands. And He loves them more than I can ever even attempt, try or desire too… and that is immeasurable. Thank you for letting me share. Blessings to you and all.

  11. Oh Heather, what a beautiful picture you are of resting in the embrace of God. Thank you for your willingness to share this painful journey and allowing us to pray for you…

    Dear God, I pray that you would surround Heather today with your peace. We thank you for this new life that is growing within her. As Heather reminded us, the future is in your hands. Thank you for that. Give her your peace that passes understanding as she waits on you and your perfect plan for her baby and her family. Amen.

  12. Jenny Harmon

    Since my oldest daughter started driving in December my worry meter has kicked into high gear! I imagine all kinds of horrible possibilities on the road and have to take my anxious thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. When I talk to God about it, He always reminds me that she is actually HIS, not mine…and He can take much better care of her than my worry can! It’s a relief to be reminded that I’m actually not in control…HE is!

  13. Linda Sommerville

    Jenny, Our older son will be driving soon and I feel your pain! Each stage of change or growth in their lives involves more surrender and letting go on our part. I think this is God’s design for helping us learn to surrender more to Him and trust Him more deeply. So glad He is reminding you that you really can trust Him – even with your teenage driver 🙂

  14. Kristy Schutz

    I think the “worrying” gene was handed down to me by my mother. And I had every reason to be worried as my husband faced a kidney transplant. Faith carried us through every second. And this verse circled through my head repeatedly – “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13. Worry is a thing of the past for me now. Thanks for the awesome blog site. I’ll be following it regularly!

  15. Janet Hanson

    I love your new site, and your thoughts on worry are helpful. I like the post-it note on the mirror idea. You probably could repeat this same post every week and it would never get irrelevant!

  16. Julie Battenfield

    I love the idea of not just surrending to God with my words (or silently praying), but physically opening my hands while I’m praying. I think the action brings more depth to what I’m saying. Thanks for the great idea!

  17. Linda Sommerville

    Kristy – thanks for sharing about that verse in Philippians 4:13. That comes right after the passage I share in the blog post. That is a power-packed chapter. In fact, it would be helpful to memorize the whole thing.

    Janet – I think you’re right. The more I talk to women about this subject, the more I’m finding it’s the silent epidemic. We may need to put post-it notes throughout the house!

    Julie – I find that doing a physical action when I’m praying can be so helpful to entering more fully into my prayer. It’s so simple, but can be quite meaningful. Thanks so to you all for your comments.

  18. Patty Licata


    Love the website! Thank you for making time to provide these insights, truths, and tips. Such a blessing – makes me want to share with many….and I will. Look forward to following your blog and watching God work through you.

  19. Debbie Stockdale

    Linda, I am so looking forward to following your new blog. Your site looks great and your encouragement is just what I need.
    Worry, oh how you and I are friends?! The past 1 1/2 years have been quite the roller coaster ride in many ways. Knowing scripture is a must & during early morning appointments with God, those verses are where I turn to for the calm amidst my worries. I also have a little ditty that I sing to myself when I can’t fall back to sleep…to the Beach Boys tune of “help me Rhonda”, instead I sing “Help me Jesus, help help me Jesus”. 🙂 I find that as long as I turn my focus to Him, the other stuff fades. Jer 29:11-14 “For I know the plans I have for you…I will listen to you…when you seek me with all your heart…I will be found by you.”

  20. Linda Sommerville

    Patty – thanks for stopping by the site and for sharing it with others. I excited to see how God is going to use this place to help women encounter God and grow in faith.

    Debbie – I LOVE your little “ditty”! I”m going to be singing it now. 🙂 It’s so true that our focus needs to be fixed on Jesus. He never leaves us or forsakes us, but we are so quick to look away and forget that fact. Just like Peter walking on the water with Jesus – as soon as Peter looked away, he started to sink. I’m praying that you stay on top of the water today with Jesus today, eye-to-eye with God.

  21. Linda Sommerville

    My friend, Donna, just shared a great insight with me. She said that many women who stop by this sight might be on the go and not have a Bible handy to look up Scriptures that I refer to. So she suggested that I write it out. So, I’m going to write out the passage from Philippians 4:6-9 that I mentioned in the blog above:

    “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

    “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me – put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.”

  22. Hi Linda, your Uncle Jerry invited me to visit your blog and it looks very interesting.

    I learned not to worry when my then-18 year-old daughter decided to hitch hike across the United States…alone. While I was frightened for her, there was nothing I could do to prevent her from doing what she wanted. While she was on the road, I would wake up out of a sound sleep every morning at 4:00a, pray for her, pray the angels would surround her, pray that she would be safe, pray that she would be hidden from those who wished to do her harm and then fall back asleep. She is now a healthy 29 year-old young mother of one and asks me how I could let her travel on her own!?! Only by the Grace of God was I able to go through that time! My lesson was that if I could turn something as precious as my beautiful daugher over to God for safekeeping, surely I could turn everything else over!

    Thank you for providing us with a platform to share our faith and journey with other Christian women.

  23. Linda Sommerville

    So glad my uncle helped you find this site.

    Your story is amazing – I can’t imagine how much faith and surrender it must have taken to trust God with your daughter. God definitely seems to use our children to teach us the most about walking with Him! I’m glad to hear that not only did God work in your life through that time, but your daughter’s life, too.

    Thanks for stopping by – please feel free to share this site with your friends.

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