Thankful Thursdays – Celebrating the Everyday Holy

Thank you

Gratitude expands my capacity for more of God

God is inviting me to live with more gratitude in my daily life,  and I’d love to have you join me on the journey.

    • This journey to have eyes opened to the holy all around me every day.
    • This journey to grow ever more thankful for the big and little graces of God in my life.
    • This journey to deepen my capacity for joy through my relationship with a good and generous God.

How about it?  Would you be willing to join me in this “Thanksgiving Dare”?

Here’s how it works. . .  You start paying attention – and then you write it down.  That’s it.

I am challenging myself to come up with a list of 1,000 things that I’m thankful for – the more specific the better.  I plan to keep a “Gratitude Journal” with me at all times in the days ahead so I can record my thanks as they arise.

I’m still at the beginning of this journey of gratitude, but I’m already discovering that this God-hunt is increasing my awareness of God’s love for me and expanding my ability to notice God in the simple stuff of life.  I feel like a kid on a treasure hunt.  It fills me with wonder, seeing the God-of-all-wonder show up in unexpected places and call my name.

I’m thankful for…

1.  Lists (they help keep my head on straight)

2.  Joanna’s quilt on her guest bed

3.  Smokehouse almonds cracking open salty flavor in my mouth

4.  Eucalyptus shade on Lakeville Highway

5.  Green lights (both literal and metaphorical)

6.  Friends who really “see” me

My list is growing, and I’ll be sharing it with you each “Thankful Thursday.”  I’d love to hear the things you’re thankful for as well – the more specific the better.  Anyone who posts a comment on one of my Thankful Thursdays between now and the end of June will be entered into a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card.  So join the fun, and share your thanks – which is really its own reward, but which also gives you the possibility of a gift card reward as well.

So what about you?  What are you thankful for this Thursday?



  1. Great idea, Linda! I started one of those journals a year ago, and will now go find it and dust it off (ahem) and join you!

    • Linda Sommerville

      Awesome! I’d love to share the journey with you, Janet.

  2. Janet

    God gave us THE most gorgeous day, in every way, this past Sunday for my daughter’s wedding; a groom who beautifully fits my description of wonderful additional “child;” and my son’s girlfriend who, with grace and a smile, was my right-hand helper the week before the wedding. I am blessed. Thank-you, Jesus!

    • Linda Sommerville

      Janet, praise God for this amazing gift! May your family continue to be blessed as you expand and grow together.

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