Thankful Thursday – Mexico Here We Come!

Agua Viva - Living Water

Agua Viva – here we come!


I’m thankful this is the last Thursday in June, because that means there’s only two more days till I leave with my family for a mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico.  In just a few days, I will have the joy of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with many who have never heard it before.

Not only that, I will get to do this alongside my family.

 Truly a privilege and a joy!

We will be working at a Salvation Army shelter for battered women and their children.  We’ll also be reaching out to the migrant workers in the nearby fields, inviting the children and any available parents to come to our Vacation Bible School.  Many of these families are from much further south in Mexico, places that are much poorer.  Not all of them will even speak Spanish, but instead will speak the tribal languages of their local dialects.

I’m excited to be engaged in tri-lingual ministry!

This will be the first time most of these children have ever participated in any type of kids’ program, and the first time many of them will ever have heard about the love of Jesus Christ.

How fortunate I am to have the chance to walk on such holy ground. 

We’ll be staying at Rancho Agua Viva (which means camp of Living Water), a Mexican Christian campground that seeks to reach Mexico for Christ.  In addition to hosting American missions groups and holding summer camps for Mexican children and families, Agua Viva also has a seminary where they train pastors and missionaries from all over Mexico.

Over the years, they have equipped hundreds of people who are now reaching their communities, cities, and villages for Christ.  The vision of Agua Viva’s leadership is large – and they trust in a God who is even larger!

It is truly inspiring to rub shoulders with such people of faith.

This will be the fourth time we have led a multi-age group of families to serve together in a week-long mission trip.  Aside from seeing God do amazing things, each trip has been unique.   We expect the same to be the case this time as well.

There are 24 of us going this time, ranging in age from 7 to 74.  Everyone has something to offer, and I know God will stretch each of our faith as we step out to serve.

As a result of this trip, I will be taking a break from blogging this coming week.  But when I return, I promise to share the stories of how God worked in and through our time there.  And if you think of us, I would be so thankful for your prayers!


This is also the last time you’ll have the chance to get entered into my “Thankful Thursday” contestto win a $10 Amazon gift card.  Simply leave a comment on any of my Thankful Thursday blog posts by the end of June, sharing something your’e thankful for.   I will randomly select a winner – to be announced when I return from Mexico.





  1. Linda,

    It may sound weird, but as I was contemplating this, the thing that came to me was ‘time.’ I am thankful for time – something I never seem to have enough of, something I am bound by, something I long to have more of. But in spite of those shortcomings, I am thankful to have time: time to spend here on this earth with my family; time to take a walk with my husband; time to write; time to do ministry; time to spend in the God’s word; time. There you have it my friend! I am praying for you and your family for your upcoming time of ministry. 🙂

    • Linda Sommerville

      Actually it doesn’t sound weird at all. I think time is our most precious commodity. And it reminds us that ultimately all our days are numbered by God – He’s got all of our time and our lives in His hands. And it’s all a gift.

      Thanks for sharing and thanks for praying for our trip. 🙂

  2. Have a wonderful time serving and learning on the trip. How fantastic to be able to do this with your family. May you all see the blessing and presence of the Lord in big and small things. Thankfulness proceeds the miracle. . . .

    Here are a few recent entries from my thankfulness journal:

    162. patterns in nature and replicated in human creations–straight lines, angles, roundness, oblong, oval

    164. fluttering butterflies resplendent in beauty as they flit about

    165. holding hands with my beloved

    170. new shirts

    171. fresh paint

    • Linda Sommerville

      Diane, thanks for your words of blessing and encouragement. I believe you’re right about thankfulness preceeding miracles. God has been showing that to be true as we’ve been preparing for our trip.

      May you continue to be blessed by eyes to see God’s work around you and a heart to thank Him. 🙂

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