Ash Wednesday Invitation – Lent Day 1

ash wed. 1On this Ash Wednesday,  I want to invite you to join me on a journey…


The journey toward the cross.

The journey of Lent.

The journey inward to listen deeply for the voice of God, whispering words of conviction and comfort.

At my church’s Ash Wednesday service this evening, I will receive the traditional sign of the cross on my forehead, formed with anointing oil and ashes.  This simple act will remind me of the cost of my sins, the deep love of Jesus as he turned his face toward the cross, and my daily need for a savior.  If you’re able to find a service like this near you, I encourage you to go.  The communal act of repentance is deeply holy and powerful.

Lent is also traditionally a time when people “give something up” for the season.  This year, I sense God inviting me to give up two of  my favorite distractions – television and soda.  Even writing these words here feels costly to me, because by speaking them out into cyberspace, there is a heightened sense of accountability.

But I am also feeling freedom in this invitation.

In the past few months, I’ve often found myself numbing out in front of the TV, trying to escape the stress of my life for a few moments… or reaching for another favorite addiction – Diet Pepsi with lime.

But today I am intentionally letting go of these distractions.

Making room for God.

Changing my daily rhythms and allowing myself to feel.  Even if the feeling is painful.

I’ll be checking in throughout this journey to share what I’m hearing from God and offer words of hope and encouragement.

If you’ve thought at all about this, what might God be inviting you to give up or focus on during Lent?  Please share below.


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