Resisting the Tyranny of the Urgent

Messy house – check. Unfinished to-do list – check.   Guilt and exhaustion – check.  Need for Sabbath – check. As I finish writing this blog (on Sunday night), I’m acutely aware of the many things that are undone in my life.  But I’m also aware of my aching need to be undone by the Lord of the Sabbath.  I need Him to “un-do” the tangles of...
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Permission to Rest

Nearly six years ago, I crashed – big time. I’d been battling fatigue and ongoing sinus and throat infections for years.  I was being held together by caffeine, adrenaline, antibiotics, and homeopathic remedies.  But nothing was working anymore, and I simply fell apart physically. Finally, a doctor correctly diagnosed the underlying cause of my illnesses: Epstein Bar Syndrome, an...
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5 Signs You May Be a Martha

In just four short verses, we learn that Martha is so much like all of us. . . Worried.  Over-extended.  Unable to say the “N” word (no).  A people-pleaser who wants to take care of everyone. A woman with good intentions who just can’t do it all – even though she’s trying hard. Luke 10:38-42 records the story of Jesus stopping in for a visit at the home of Mary...
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