Who is Linda Sommerville?

I am a recovering adrenaline-junkie, learning to be a human “being” instead of a human “doing.”  Although I love connecting with people and accomplishing projects, I’m finding that constant motion is not the way to live life to the full.

A few years ago I experienced a physical, emotional, and spiritual “crash” brought on by my lightening speed life.  Thankfully my husband, Phil, picked up the ball and kept our two boys and household running, while I lay in bed for nearly two months, recovering from exceeding my limits.

These days, living within my limits is still a challenge – but thankfully, God is a patient teacher.  Each new day, He’s helping me let go of my over-attachment to “doing” and live with a deeper sense of balance, peace, and joy.

One of my greatest joys is helping others learn to slow down and connect deeply with God. Through my writing, speaking, and spiritual direction ministries, my hope is to create safe places where people can catch their breath, reconnect with themselves, and hear God’s still, small voice.

If you want to see me get really animated, just ask me about the ways I hear from God.  Better yet, tell me how you hear from God – I never get tired of hearing about the endless ways God gets our attention and speaks into our lives.  My guess is, you’ve got some stories to tell – and I’d love to hear them! Please leave me a comment on my blog, or you can contact me at the button below.





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