What are you waiting for?

We reveal what we care about by what we wait for.   What are you waiting for today?    In other words, what do you really care about? Too often I’m waiting for the weather to change, waiting for my kids to behave, waiting for the scales to tell me how much lighter I am.   The things I wait for often don’t mean much. But God invites us to wait for much deeper things – harder...
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Yummy or Yucky?

When you think of spiritual disciplines, does it leave a bad taste in your mouth?  Does the thought get you excited  – or make you think of things like having to eat your vegetables, or run 10 miles uphill? I confess that as much as I long to get closer to God, I don’t always long to be “spiritually disciplined.”  It sounds painful.  But just as I know how good I feel...
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