Fresh Snow – Fresh Start

Our boys playing in the early morning snow

Our boys playing in the early morning snow

SNOW! I couldn’t believe it actually snowed here this morning. Yes, we live only about an hour away from Tahoe where it snows regularly in the winter. But it hasn’t snowed here at this elevation in more than 30 years – not since I was in 8th grade (oops, I’m revealing my age).

The fluffy white stuff reminded me of all the years our family lived in the Midwest, where de-icing and snow shoveling are a regular part of life. Although I’m grateful to live back in California near extended family, I confess that I do miss some of the wintertime rituals involved with snow. I also miss the beauty. When a blanket of white covers the landscape, everything is washed clean. It gets a fresh start – an extreme makeover. It shimmers and sparkles, turning the ordinary into the extra-ordinary. Making this tired, worn-out world look crisp and new.

What a perfect picture of what happens inside us when God comes to make His home there. He takes our tired, worn-out life and does more than just make it look new – He makes it truly new. As we celebrate the coming of Christ into the world this Christmas season, let’s also celebrate the fact that He comes to be born within each of us, making us new and beautiful – giving us an extreme makeover from the inside out.

I want to encourage you to take a moment right now and ask Him to come once again and give you a fresh start. No matter how you failed yesterday, or even already today. No matter how the world may leave you feeling bruised and beaten. No matter the burdens you may be carrying today.

He comes to make all things new – including me and you. He is the God of second-chances. He is the One who will go to any length to be near you, who is singing out your name and calling you to Himself this Christmas.

And if you haven’t ever allowed Him to give your heart an extreme makeover, I can think of no better time than right now. He’s as near as your next breath. Simply tell Him you want to give up control of your life and let Him take over. And in that instant, the Savior who was born 2,000 years ago will be born in you today.

Here’s to fresh snow and fresh starts!

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  1. Amen, well said Linda! Hope you built a snowman while it lasted. Thanks for the comparison to an extreme make over, God is sooooooooooo good! Todd

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