5 Signs You May Be a Martha

Woman juggling the world

Martha, Martha, you're worried and upset by many things...

In just four short verses, we learn that Martha is so much like all of us. . .

Worried.  Over-extended.  Unable to say the “N” word (no).  A people-pleaser who wants to take care of everyone.

A woman with good intentions who just can’t do it all – even though she’s trying hard.

Luke 10:38-42 records the story of Jesus stopping in for a visit at the home of Mary and Martha, and we’re given a sneak peek into each of our lives through Martha’s response to the situation.

Check out these signs that you might be a Martha, too.

You May Be A Martha If:

1.  Your notion of “quiet time” is when your cell phone is on mute so you can catch up on your email.

2.  You take Five-Hour Energy drinks every three hours.

3.  Your Purpose-Driven Life is driving out of alignment.

4.  Your idea of “Sabbath rest” involves taking a nap during the sermon so you’ll have enough energy to cook and clean when you get home.

5.  You secretly wish you were Mary.

What about you?

How do you let go of being “worried and upset about many things” (like Martha)?  Share your ideas below and let’s help each other learn how to focus more clearly on the things God calls us to.


  1. When I find myself worrying that I might be worrying too much, then I really know that I’m out of control. Sometimes it takes something like that for me to even notice that I am worrying. Then I try to take a step back mentally and tell myself the Truth. “God is in control! He can do anything He wants! If He wants this thing to get done, He can do it with or without me! He doesn’t NEED me to accomplish this for Him. He just WANTS me to obey & follow Him and have a relationship with Him, even if that means what I think needs to get done doesn’t get done.” Then I pray, repent, ask God what part He wants me to do, and ask Him for the ability to obey… All easier said than done sometimes.

  2. Carol – worrying about worrying is classic! And something I can relate to. But I love that you are able to remind yourself that since God is in control, He will help you get the things done that He wants you to. The rest is not your worry. 🙂

  3. Kelly Howard Asano

    Personally I find when things are completely out of my hands it’s easier for me to rest in Him. (e.g., after the birth of our daughter, waiting for her birth mother’s period to change her mind about adoption.). When there is busy work to be done, it’s not as easy and I find myself easily distracted from rest and spiritual disciplines. During those times I have to work toward resting in Him and giving up worry rather than giving in to worry. It reminds me of the scripture telling us to be faithful/trustworthy in the little things to be trusted with bigger things.

  4. Kelly, this is so true. It’s tough to rest in him when our minds are free to wander (like when we’re driving, washing the dishes, etc.). This is especially when we need to “take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” (II Cor. 10:5). For me, sometimes it helps to memorize scripture and begin to recite it during those times when I find my thoughts wandering toward stressful things.

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