Thankful Thursday – Choices


Making choices

Hmmm.... what to do today?????


 On this Thankful Thursday, I’m thankful for choices

                  • Turkey or Tuna?
                  • Captain Kirk or Captain Jean-Luke Picard?
                  • Exercise or sleep in?
                  • Mac or PC?
                  • Laugh or cry?

I’m thankful that our God is a God of choices.  He is not a power-hungry dictator, or a manipulative puppet master.  He offers us the dignity of making choices.


Some of these choices seem obvious, such as:

  • Obey or rebel (A choice facing Adam & Eve)
  • Freedom or slavery (a choice facing Moses and the Israelites)
  • Life or death (Again, Moses & the Israelites:  “…I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses.  Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.”  Deut. 30:20)

But sometimes the choices are more subtle, such as:

  • Trust that God is good – even in the midst of my suffering, or blame God for my misery and let it cloud what I know to be true about God (a choice facing Job)
  • Busy service for God in the kitchen, or contemplative rest with God at his feet (a choice facing Mary & Martha)
  • Remain a fisherman AND a God-follower, or fish for people and leave everything behind to literally walk with Jesus (a choice facing Peter, James & John)


God offers me choices every day.  The most obvious choice is whether to say “yes” to a relationship with Christ.  (I’m praying that if you’ve never done so, that today might be your day to say “yes”.)

But once we’ve made that ultimate choice, many – if not most – of the ongoing choices God gives us are less obvious.  Sometimes there is more than one right answer.  Sometimes there are shades of better or worse choices.

  • Job “A” or Job “B”?
  • Get back on my diet today or tomorrow?
  • Step in where my child is struggling and offer helpful guidance, or step back and let him grow by solving the problem on his own?


At times, I’ve wished God would send me a postcard or write the answer in the sky, so I would know which choice to make.  But as frustrating and confusing as choices can be at times, I’m grateful for them.  They allow me to daily learn how to trust God.  They help me get to know his character and experience His loving care for me.  They give me opportunities to learn what His voice sounds like and practice following closely.

When I take the time to listen for God’s still, small voice, I usually  make wiser choices.  Even when there are two choices that seem equally good, I have more peace within when I seek God’s input first.

With some choices – where there is not a clear right or wrong answer, when I seek God’s input, I have the joy of drawing closer to the One who fills my life with LIFE.  I have the joy in sharing the journey with God.  I have the joy of taking risks, learning about myself, learning about God, and growing stronger – all within the loving relationship with my Lord.

What about you – what are you thankful for today?

Please take a moment and share below what you’re thankful for.  OR, share what choices you’re facing right now.  Where are you seeking to listen for God’s voice to make the wisest choice?

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  1. Merrily

    Thank you for the reminder of the number of choices I make every day. I just make too many of them by default instead of being intentional. Today I will choose with purpose. I am very thankful for you, Linda, and for your wisdom and willingness to put yourself out there and share it.
    FYI: Turkey, Jean-Luke (Kirk is awesome, but really…), get up and THINK about exercise, Mac (if you can afford it, I can’t), and laugh until you cry.

    • Linda Sommerville

      Merrily, thank you for helping me settle all the important choices today (i.e. turkey, Jean-Luke, Think about exercise, Mac, and laugh till you cry). That about sums it all up for me! 🙂

      But seriously, I’m grateful to hear about your choice to choose with purpose today. I, too, often make many choices by default. But what a gift it is to have the opportunity to choose! Blessings to you as you choose wisely today.

  2. Bridgette Goldstein

    I am thankful the strong and brilliant women that God has surrounded me with at this point in my journey. I am thankful for meditation, a place where I can commune with my creator and all His brilliance. I am grateful that I am fully supported in all that I do.

    • Linda Sommerville

      Wow, Bridgette – what amazing gifts God has given you! Especially that last sentence you wrote, that you are supported in all you do. I’m guessing that hasn’t always been the case. But at least at this point in your journey, how wonderful to celebrate that experience.

      As for strong, brilliant women – that, too, is an amazing gift! You have much to celebrate and be grateful for. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Patty Licata

    I am thankful that He loves us even when we make the wrong choice – unlike us. I agree with Merrily that I want to be more intentional and seek His counsel. And I want to be more undertanding and less critical of those around me who make different choices than I would have.

    Oh, and I laughed out loud when I read Kirk or Jean-Luke! I too would pick Jean Luke, anyday. My husband thinks I’m wierd but I don’t care….and apparently I’m not the only one.

    • Linda Sommerville

      Well, Patty, I have a hard time choosing between Kirk & Picard – they both have admirable qualities 🙂

      But I love what you said about being more understanding about those who make different decisions than you do. That is one way of showing the grace and love of Christ. He is so gracious toward all of us – even when we make dumb choices. And to become more Christ-like means that we are willing to extend this grace to others. As we let Christ transform us, this kind of grace becomes our primary language.

      May we all be that gracious!

  4. Today I’m thankful for “old” friends, new friends, the songs of song birds filling the air, Colorado beauty (mountains, pine trees, aspen trees, fresh air, and so much more. I’m thankful that we relate to the God of 2nd chances and that we are blessed to be a blessing.

    • Linda Sommerville

      Ooh Diane – Colorado beauty sounds wonderful! So glad you’re able to notice and enjoy it.

      And AMEN to your comment about being grateful for our God of 2nd chances. I’d be sunk without that!

  5. Dorothy Hilleary

    My son, Brandon, spent the afternoon at Sutter ER today because he was working at church with hay and found out he has a major allergic reaction (shall we call it hay fever?) He broke out in hives and had a hard time breathing. Being in the ER for two hours around sick people and walking out into the fresh air is a reminder of what a huge gift our health is. Thankful for things we take for granted: family, life, breath, health!

    • Amen and amen! You’re so right, Dorothy, that we take these things for granted. I’m so grateful for ER’s (even though it’s never fun to go there), and thankful that Brandon got the help he needed, and thankful for the health that God blesses us with. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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